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Yucheng Solar held the 2019 New Year Gala

“Do not forget the initial heart, Sail and forge ahead” – Yucheng Solar held the 2019 New Year Gala

On January 15, 2019, the company held the New Year's Eve of 2019 at Meiyi Hotel in Zhongshan. This year's annual meeting took the theme of "never forget to sail and forge ahead". All employees and some family members of the company participated in the party.

The annual meeting opened with a brilliant lighting show, followed by a welcoming speech by the founder, Mr. Wu Haicheng, who said: "In the past 2018, thanks to all those who believe, support and accompany Yucheng, it is your hard work, unlimited cooperation and silent support that Yucheng can achieve today's results. Looking forward to 2019, we will work together to create brilliance again!" Together, we spread solar energy to millions of households, bringing bright lights to countless households.

Yucheng's development is inseparable from the support of all cooperating suppliers and all the employees of the company. At the end of 2018, Zhongshan Yucheng Solar Technology Co., Ltd. held a commendation meeting, which included 10 excellent employees, 2 special contribution awards and 2 best employees of the year. Looking forward to the new year, work together to forge ahead and explore a better tomorrow!

This year's annual meeting shows a variety of types, not only good songs, but also cross talk, recitation, dubbing, dance... The final show pushed the party to a climax. The annual meeting also arranged a lottery and interactive game links, so that the whole Party splendid, surprising, the festival atmosphere is very strong, everyone laughed, raised glasses and drank, when rising, they went on stage to sing a song.

Following are live recordings of the program.

The annual meeting provides a stage for company employees to perform and show themselves different from their jobs. The holding of the annual meeting adds luster to the company's corporate culture and makes everyone feel more belonging. The company will hold more similar activities in the future, enriching the spare time of employees. Life is not only about work, but also about health and happiness.

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