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What is the principle of solar body sensor light?


The solar crystal human body induction lamp has a long life, good efficiency and waterproofness. The lamp bead adopts advanced height LED lamp bead with long life, low loss and high brightness. Besides, it also has infrared human body induction, even if it is far away. It can also be sensitive.

User-friendly device is safe and convenient

1. Full waterproof design: adopts upper plate buckle lower plate design, built-in waterproof sealing rubber ring

2, easy to install: height is recommended 2-3 meters, night measured * lighting range of 20 square meters

3, user-friendly design: the use of pinhole waterproof switch, activate intelligent permanent (pinhole switch, marked with ON.OFF hole, in the dark environment, use the activation pin to tie the hole, it will light up)

4, infrared body sensor: facing the sensor head, the distance is up to 3-5 meters

Solar body sensor light workflow:

1. It is charged by sunlight during the day, ideally for charging 8-10 hours.

2, the lights automatically start the light mode at night

3. When someone passes, the infrared sensor is triggered, the light automatically turns on the strong light mode, and the glare generally lasts for 30 seconds.

4. When the person leaves the sensing range, the light automatically switches to the dim mode.

As a renewable energy source, solar energy is safe and environmentally friendly. At present, many places have adopted the effect of solar energy in life, such as: solar water heaters, solar charging treasures... The comprehensive listing of solar body sensor lights not only brings great convenience to the lives of the people, but also greatly The ground saves energy development.


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