This type of solar wall lights product is used for fences,There is no built-in infrared sensor, It relies on light control. When the light reaches a certain degree of darkness, the outdoor solar wall lights will automatically turn on the running illumination, It is not limited by time,It is only related to the intensity of light.
There is a controller in this product,The controller generally has a light control point (control point) voltage, most of which is 3V. When the sun is weak, the voltage of the panel will continue to drop, from the normal 4.2 to In the dark 0V, in the middle of the process, when it is lower than 3V, the controller will get a dark signal, it will connect the lithium battery and the light source, and the garden lights will automatically light up.
No need for manual switch, no noise, more environmental protection in the whole control process, eliminating the artificial waste of energy, extending the service life of the electric appliance and integrating energy saving and convenient security.

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