Yucheng Solar Technology Co., Ltd are focus on solar wall lights.This series of solar patio lights is a new type of product developed by pyroelectric infrared sensor.
It adopts one-shot and one-input active infrared technology, integrated codec transmission, decoding and receiving, control output, industrial zone-level chip, wide load capacity and strong anti-interference ability.
During the daytime or when the light is strong, the light sensing module locks the infrared sensing module and the delay switch module.
When the night or the light is dark, the infrared sensor module and the delay switch module are in standby state.
At this time, if there is a human body entering the sensing range of the outdoor solar wall lights, the infrared sensing module will activate and detect the signal, and the signal triggers the delay switch module to turn on the LED infrared sensor light. If the person continues to operate within its range, the LED body sensor light will be always on. When the person leaves the range, there is no infrared sensing signal, and the delay switch automatically turns off the LED infrared sensor light within the time setting value. Each module returns to the standby state and waits for the next cycle.

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