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Process flow chart of solar module production line

Process flow chart of solar module production line


Solar photovoltaic has the advantages of no pollution, universality and never exhaustion. It is an effective way to solve the human energy crisis and environmental problems, and is one of the promising new energy technologies. The core component of solar photovoltaic is solar cells. Solar cells are made of crystalline silicon materials. In the future, crystalline silicon cells will still dominate the market with their advantages in conversion efficiency, process maturity and service life. The technical level of the crystalline silicon solar cell production line directly affects the conversion efficiency and production cost of the solar cell, and is a concentrated expression of the competitiveness of the solar photovoltaic industry. Looking at the rapid development of crystalline silicon cells in recent years, the key to the reduction of the cost per kilowatt of power generation is the major innovation in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells.

Solar cell module production line process flow at a glance:

         1.Glass EVA placement

         2. String welding and layout

         3. Layer before the cache


         4. Mirror inspection

         5. Pre-layer EL detection

         6. Lamination

         7. Post-layer transport

         8. Trimming

         9. Glue box

         10. Install the junction box

         11. Natural curing

         12. Cleaning

         13. Final inspection

         14. Final inspection package

         15. Finished product

How to ensure efficient and long life of components:

1. High conversion efficiency and high quality battery chips;

2, high-quality raw materials, such as: high cross-linking degree EVA, high bond strength encapsulant (neutral silicone resin), high transmittance and high strength tempered glass;

3. Reasonable packaging process

4. The rigorous work style of the staff;

Since solar cells are high-tech products, Yucheng Solar reminds you of some details in the production process. Some unremarkable problems such as wearing gloves and not wearing them, evenly applying reagents and scribbling things are all important enemies that affect product quality. Therefore, in addition to the development of a reasonable production process, the seriousness and rigor of the staff is very important.


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