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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of solar garden lights

Advantages of solar garden lights

      1. Green and environmental protection, high safety factor, low general power, no safety hazards, recycling, and less environmental pollution.

      2. The light from the solar garden light is soft and not glare, without any light pollution, and no other radiation.

      3, solar garden lights have long service life, semiconductor chips emit light, the cumulative life can reach tens of thousands of hours, often higher than ordinary garden lights.

      4, the use of high efficiency, effectively convert solar energy into light energy, compared to ordinary lights, like thermal energy into light energy, the efficiency is several times higher.

Disadvantages of solar garden lights

Instability: Due to the limitation of natural conditions such as day and night, season, geographical latitude and altitude, and random factors such as sunny, cloudy, cloud and rain, the solar irradiance reaching a certain ground is interrupted. It is extremely unstable, which makes it difficult to apply large-scale solar energy. In order to make solar energy a continuous and stable energy source and eventually become an alternative energy source that can compete with conventional energy sources, it is necessary to solve the energy storage problem by storing solar radiation in clear daytime as much as possible for night or rain. It is used in days, but energy storage is also one of the weakest links in solar energy utilization.

Inefficiency and high cost: While the level of development of solar energy utilization is theoretically feasible in some aspects, it is also technically mature. However, some solar energy utilization devices have low efficiency and high cost. In general, economics cannot compete with conventional energy sources. For a considerable period of time in the future, the further development of solar energy utilization is mainly constrained by economics.

Through the above summary, we can understand that the advantages of solar garden lights are mainly green, high safety factor, and its power is relatively small, there will be no safety hazards, in addition to recycling, the environment The pollution is relatively small. In addition, the light of the solar theater lamp is softer, not glare, long service life, and high efficiency. Of course, everything has its two sides, and the solar garden light has its own shortcomings. For example, instability, because of the seasons and nights and the weather, the battery's energy storage is limited to some extent. I hope to be helpful!


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